Lab & Services



Bruel&Kjaer (B&K) Instruments: Pulse 8 Chanels, Pulse LANXI 4 Chanels, Handheld Analyzer 2270, Impedance Tubes 4206, SLM 2236,  SLM Callibrators, Power Amplifiers, Sound Source, Mini Shakers, Microphones, Accelerometers, Vibration Callibrator.

Bruel&Kjaer Softwares (with license): All B&K Basic Applications, Material Testing Software for Sound Absorption and Sound Transmission Loss Measurement, Room Acoustics Analysis with B&K Reflex, and Environmental Noise Analysis Softwares.

01dB-Stell Instruments: 4 Ch Harmonie including software for sound intensity analysis (with license).

GRAS Instruments: Sound Intensity Probes, microphones

Ultrsonic Instruments: Panametrics Pulser-Receiver, Quantum NDT Flawmeter, ultrasonic transducers, standard block, and wedges.

Softwares: AFMG Reflex for Diffuser Modeling and Simulation (with license), Mathematica (with license), and many other free softwares.



iARG has a more than twelve years experience with the B&K instruments since 1998. Our services including Sound Absorption Measurement, Sound Transmission Loss Measurement, Sound Intensity Measurement, Environmental Noise Analysis, Room Acoustics Measurements, Sound Diffusers Modeling, Exhaust Muffler Analysis, Vibration Analysis for Material Characterization. The entire analysis and measurement procedures are refer to ASTM, JIS, and ISO standard procedures.


For more detailed information about my lab facilities and services please feel free to mail me to: